Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The New American Coalition: Empowered By Social Media, & In a Polarizing Political Age, Obama has Shown Bipartisanship

This is my: Call to the New American Coalition. I encourage those who read it, to forward it to everyone they want, especially those who might not want to vote:

The New American Coalition: Poor and middle class people, liberals, progressives, moderates, Women and Women's rights voters, African Americans, Latinos, Jewish people, Asian people, all culturally diverse and diverse-embracing people, students, war vets, the LGBT community, labor unions, small businesses, artists, young voters, working men and women, creative people, and more, (insert your name here).

These groups of people have come together to support democrats in various ways and pieces over the years. But right now, especially with social media, is a real opportunity to come together in ways that have never been seen before. I have experienced this first-hand and it's exciting. Check out my Twitter feed: @JThomasin. These groups of voters are exactly the ones I have been communicating with there.

Of course there are ideological differences between some of these groups of voters but overall we all have reason to overlook the smaller differences and come together to support Barack Obama for president in 2012. We represent the new America. The America that has always been here and perhaps been overlooked, The America that is moving forward and embracing the future. And now we have been empowered with social media, and a president who has shown us enough to deserve four more years. Especially when the alternative is a group of politicians whose biggest promises include overturning health-care and Roe vs. Wade.

Obama has made sure young adult Latinos who have spent most of their lives here, won't be deported. He has come out in support of gay marriage and ended the don't ask don't tell policy. He doubled down on auto-workers in Detroit and now they are thriving. He helped poor and middle class citizens by passing a health care bill which will protect children and make sure those with chronic and pre-existing conditions get covered, while providing a low-cost health-care alternative. Young people can stay on their parent's plan until age 26 now. Obama has shown support for sustaining women's health-care options. Obama's wonderful family shines as an icon to Black People in an office where this had never happened. In these, and so many more ways, (check out my other posts and the links within) he has shown us progress. Together we can all move farther forward, but it requires voting for Barack Obama.

With Romney we go RIGHT back to war, right back to Bush W. style de-regulated, big-business economics. I understand some are so sick of politics they don't want to vote. And Obama is far from perfect. But for God's (or your own) sake we cannot let Mitt Romney get elected.

Mitt Romney represents the very rich in almost every aspect of his life and history. His privileged elitist attitude, his offshore accounts, gutting of his worker's pensions, his out-of-touch and odd demeanor, his outright promise to protect the 1% and corporations. I mean REALLY? We can't let him gain power. Call it whatever you want, taking the lesser of two evils, if you have to, but vote.

In an age where people are put off of politics by polarizing partisanship, Obama has shown compromise to the point of angering some on the far left. I find this fact astonishing. The president of the United States has compromised with republicans and come over the aisle with bipartisan proposals time and time again. Polls have show citizens understand that the overwhelmingly Republican congress has been the problem; those on the far right who have promised to "shut it down" (government).

Please, just please go and vote. Vote enthusiastically or at least reluctantly. Say whatever you want to your friends about being jaded and cool and above politics, but please just go vote afterwards. Republican wives even, you can just tell your husband what he wants to hear and when you get in front of the screen, push Obama's button, it can be our secret.

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