Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ryan's Budget Threatens to Privatize Social Security and Medicare

So Mitt Romney picks Paul Ryan as his running mate for this 2012 presidential election. On one hand I think it is an obvious unforced error on the part of Romney. Whatever gain he achieves from conservatives, will far outweigh the loss in support from some seniors, moderates, independents, and baby boomers; which is a huge voting block obviously. Even Catholic bishops have said "Ryan's budget fails to meet the morale requirement to protect the poor."

In a special May 24th election in upper New York, Kathy Hochul won a seat in a GOP stronghold using the opponent's support of Paul Ryan's budget plan as the major issue. She won easily, . . . in a GOP stronghold . . . .  Why? Because Paul Ryan's budget plan calls for throwing millions of people off of Medicaid, with deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and attempts at privatizing them. Three-fifths of Ryan's budget cuts would come from programs that affect ther poor or middle class.

Of course these programs need to be made fiscally sound, but Ryan's budget is just another gift for the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle class. The 1% have no new taxes, in fact tax cuts, while safety net programs get the scalpel. Do we really want vouchers for the open market? Does a coupon sound like a good alternative to the programs that are supposed to be our security?

That is why this pick of Romney's is an unforced error on his part. Just like in the upper New York election Hochul won; the point will get hammered home that Ryan's budget is nothing more than a gift to the rich at the expense of the 99%.

I support Barack Obama obviously, but if I was on the fence before I would definitely have come over to the democratic side after this pick and I think a lot of Americans agree with me. We cannot sellout our peaceful retirements for coupons. We can compromise yes, but that is not what Ryan tried to pass. Ryan wants to take a hatchet to the programs with no compromise on the other end of the spectrum.


  1. I don't agree with "Of course these programs (SS, Medicare) need to be reduced". As in raising the retirement age further? People, especially those in strenuous jobs, can work only to a certain age before collapsing. Likewise with raising the Medicare-eligibility age. If you have specific, other ideas, it would be helpful to describe them.

  2. Thanks for reading R J. I agree that its a careful line in how to maintain these programs successfully and you do not want to put people at risk or discomfort. It takes people smarter than me to do it. But What I do know is the dems are committed to this path while the GOP is not committed to the safe fine tuning of them.

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