Friday, July 20, 2012

Obama Has Brought Remarkable Positive Change to the United States

Obama has brought real change to the United States during his first presidency, this is a fact. I want to clarify some facts and points that I have discussed in previous posts; how President Obama's vision of change and progress for this country has been accomplished in his first four years. It honestly excites me thinking about what he has accomplished, and the prospects of what could be done in a 2nd term. Here are some things he has done these past three and a half years, (in no particular order):
  • First American president to come out in favor of Gay Marriage.
  • Oversaw the missions that to the death of Bin Laden.
  • Passed the first health-care reform in over 47 years. (Since Medicaid in 1965). It's based on bipartisan ideas from Romney's health care plan in Massachusetts. Something Mitt won't talk about now.
  • Turned around the American Auto industry. Guiding them from the brink of extinction into world leaders.
  • Repealed the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, allowing Gays to serve openly in the military.
  • Stabilized the economy. It's now producing jobs every month, going from losing 800,000 jobs the month before he took office. Think about that, the weeks before Obama took office we lost 800,000 jobs. Now we are creating jobs again.
  • Ended the Iraq war as promised.
  • Put a plan in place to end Afghanistan War. Romney has promised to listen to generals, who have said they want more troops and no end to the war. 
  • Made an executive order that prevented young men and women who emigrated from Mexico at a young age, from being deported. People that were educated here, spent most of their lives here, and who represent a valuable part of our society.

You cannot argue that these are major changes that Obama directly impacted. Rights for citizens, doubling down on the American worker, embracing diversity, making sure the chronically ill & children are not denied health care, ending war as promised. It IS change you can believe in. I see this as a genuine and powerful legacy, created in a  relatively short amount of time.

Obama represents the only way forward. Romney has NOT differentiated himself from the trickle down, tax breaks for the rich, nonsense that guided Bush W. presidency. We as citizens need to remember what JFK said, "ask not what your country has done for you, but what you can do for your country". Obama has given us change. A lot of change. Change I can see and believe in. It's time we stepped up and defended his amazing first four years.

I cannot seriously believe that poor or middle class moderate minded people out there would vote for Romney. I mean his team and supporters might as well be beating big drums that say "even more endless taxes and non-regulation for Wall Street". They don't deny it, that is the bulk of their plan, that; and cutting programs like Medicaid. This is a very important decision we have to make. A choice between progress or a continuation of republican policies that guided us into an economic meltdown four years ago.

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