Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can Romney Dodge Investigations From Multiple Reports?

I want to follow up on my previous post with a summary of sorts. It is important to note that this information is not hearsay but based on factual information about Mitt Romney's financial past. The very thing that is supposedly the key selling point about Mitt, from his campaign (his successful business past).

Some have said that this is hitting below the belt, but how can that be the case? Each point is based on evidence. Each point is in reference to Mitt's honesty, and to his record of being a supposedly good businessman. Much of this information was not put in the media from the president's campaign initially, but from Vanity Fair, the Associated Press, the Washington Post, and others.

*Listed on securities filings as the sole owner of a shell company based in Bermuda, transferred to his wife the day before his inauguration as governor in Massachusetts.

*Listed on his 2010 tax return, he had millions in a Swiss Bank Account

*The Boston Globe reported Mitt Romney was still employed at Bain Capital part-time, 2 years after he has said on record that he left the company completely. He is also listed on SEC filings for the company during this same time period. The Globe has refused to issue a correction, as requested by Romney.

*A quote from Mitt's own father in relation to releasing tax returns, from when he ran for president; "one year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show". George Romney released 12 years of tax returns, Mitt only one, Obama has released 11, Bush W. released 8, Bill Clinton released 8. Every modern candidate for president has released more than one year of returns.

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