Saturday, May 26, 2012

Romney Team Looking A Lot Like the Bush Team

Would any sane person want to have the Bush W. team effectively re-assembled or integrated into a Romney presidency? No, right? Well I think that his actions indicate he is planning directly otherwise. Many of Romney's hand picked team were members of W's staff. They are all ready to move back into the white house, how does that suit you, citizens? From a Reuters article:  

"Romney’s economic advisers include Glenn Hubbard, architect of the Bush-era tax cuts....  Romney has named 24 “special advisers” in national security and foreign policy, 16 of whom served in diplomatic or political roles under Bush." 

Recently, Romney released his education plan. The foreword is by Jeb Bush, an excerpt from it states as follows: "Governor Romney understands that leadership is required to create real change for students, and his time as governor is proof that he is willing and able to make tough decisions and put our kids first."

That statement is highly debatable, let's look at what Romney did do as governor of Massachusetts - he cut higher education funding by about 140 million, forcing Universities to raise tuition by a substantial amount. Earlier this year, Romney praised the House GOP budget plan, which would allow student-loan rates to double in July. Need based funding for higher education was drastically reduced under Romney as governor, and now he supports Paul Ryan's plan to defund Pell Grants.

The whole forward from Jeb, is nothing but generalized yip-yap that says nothing; which begs the question why have Jeb Bush do it at all? Who wants another Bush to be associated with the presidency? Romney seems to want that association really badly. I personally do not want to see another Bush anywhere close to the White House ever again. It is pretty scary to me that Romney is already utilizing many of the same advisors as George W.
Asked about his potential vice-president pick, Romney stated the following in regards to Dick Cheney, "...this is a man of wisdom and judgment, and he could have been President of the United States. That’s the kind of person I’d like to have."

Since when is the Bush/Cheney team a thing that one wants to be like? Romney has not just diplomatically sought these associations, it is reflected in the amount of advisors working for Romney. Some of the very same people that formed the very policies that helped sink us into a financial meltdown. It is sheer lunacy.

Romney wants a VP like Cheney? A man who engineered a torture program of United State's prisoners? In a senate probe, it was found the torture program engineered by Cheney was not effective in producing information.  Cheney helped led us into war with Iraq based on lies and scare tactics. A war which enabled his former company Halliburton to get lucrative oil related contracts. In 2005 Cheney's Halliburton stock options rose 3,281% . No wonder Romney wants a man like Cheney at his side, a man who would push middle class America over if it served the needs and desires of the richest Americans. From war to economic strategy and more, the Romney agenda is the same as the Bush and Cheney agenda. And Romney is not shying away from it either.

Last but never least let's not forget about Karl Rove. He has re-emerged with his Super Pac - American Crossroads. Giving him power as a front-line Romney contributor and strategist. Check out this article: Rove Rides Again. Who wants that guy back in a position of power? I was so glad to be done with him, we all should of known better.

So we got W.'s approval, and his little brother writing notes for Romney. Rove is bigger than ever, Dick Cheney is getting props, the economic advisors that oversaw a financial meltdown are working for Romney,... ARE WE CRAZY? Is this a sane choice America? Think about it.

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