Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why Independent Voters and Moderates on Both Sides Should Support Obama

One of the foremost qualities that conservatives strive for is the ideal of the self-made person. The ability to pull yourself up with hard work and make a living for yourself and succeed. The self-made man in this election is clearly Barack Obama.

I have heard conservatives say recently, 'hey you cannot criticize Romney for being a success, that is the American way' or something to that effect. Well to be fair, Romney was not a self made man. He was born into a multi-million dollar family. And it's not Mitt's dad who is running for president, it is his son. Do I trust that a son of a multi-millionaire has any clue what the middle class needs? No I do not. At no point has Romney showed genuine understanding of poor or middle class people. Like when he joked about his dad closing a plant, to him that is funny.

Or like when he put his dog on the roof of their car in a travel bin in a cross country drive. His wife said the dog liked it. If you are a dog owner you know that is a bold faced lie.

Or like when Romney repeatedly stated the auto-bailout was a bad idea, basically giving up on the American worker. Obama is the one who re-organized GM and saw that new labor deals got done etc. etc. The VERY thing that Romney is supposedly good at. He is only good at gutting the company and taking the profit. Not rebuilding the company and working with the employees. Romney is the one who jokes about how his dad closed a plant,....  haha, pretty funny joke on those workers? Romney sees with the eyes of a rich man working for powerful people and it's obvious.

Progressives and moderate republicans should support Obama because he is the real deal. He is a self made man who was raised in at best, moderate circumstances. So was Michelle Obama. Yes they had help to go to college but only because they worked incredibly hard to get to that point. 

Another thing conservatives prize is being strong on national security. Obama is the one who helped to organize the events that led to Osama bin laden's death. The Bush W. team gave up on finding him and had no clue where he was even in 2002. So it was Obama's team who made the direct decisions that got Bin laden. Obama has been successful at targeting high level terrorist operatives and preventing any further attacks. Together with Hilary Clinton, the Obama team has turned a supposed democrat weakness, foreign policy and national security, into a topic they would love to spend all day debating.

What is Romney? Not a self made man. He supposedly is good in business, yet Obama is the one that engineered the very turnaround in American car companies that Romney advocated very vocally against. Obama is not weak on national security. Obama is clearly the more self-made man of the two. Obama hasn't even gone after gun rights and constantly rebuffs some people on the far left, much to their chagrin. The real moderate in many ways is Barack Obama.

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