Friday, May 11, 2012

A Very Real Choice Between a Vision of the Future, and one of the Past

In this 2012 presidential election we have a very clear choice between the future and the past. The most recent decision by Obama to embrace same sex marriage is one aspect of that. Mitt Romney does not believe in treating all people fairly and is against rights for the LGBT community in this and other regards. This is the past.

One one hand Obama got health-care reform passed. Benefits and reforms include: Insurance companies cannot deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Young people can get less expensive health care with their parents, through age 26. It addresses limiting prescription drug cost and taxes drug and insurance companies, closing loopholes in the process. Many common sense bipartisan ideas and reforms are at stake. The bill is not perfect but it is far better than allowing the current system to get completely out of control with no reform. Everyone agrees that we need some kind of health care reform, what are the real chances that Romney could achieve this? Who really believes he could?

The alternative is Romney promising to overturn health care reform. The very thing which he helped to inspire, with his Romney-Care bill in Massachusetts. The first massive health care reform in more than 40 years would fail with no real hope of any kind of replacement. This is not hope, it is rooting for failure. Obama not only offers but has delivered real progress.

The future with Obama would include an assurance that we will see a time when there are no major wars for the United States. He ended the Iraq war as promised. He is reducing and planning to end the Afghanistan war, based on his actions we can believe this is true. Imagine for the first time in more than a decade, a time where we can be without major wars. Imagine the economic boost this will provide. Obama has proven he is strong on security. He got Bin Laden, has foiled attacks, has gotten high level terrorists, and re-organized national security and foreign policy in a respectable fashion.

Mitt Romney has stated in his 2012 campaign that his ending of the war in Afghanistan would be dependent on what the advisors on the ground think. And we all know they always think they need more troops and want to go on. This is not change. This is not the promise of bringing all the troops home, something which Obama legitimately offers. How can we not re-elect Barack Obama? Do we really want to just hope that Romney makes it happen? I am 34 years old and want to see peace before I am 40. Obama is our best chance.

Tax reform: We know Obama would work to reverse some of the ever increasing tax loopholes and benefits that the richest people in the United States received under the Bush W. administration. A heavy majority of people think that the current tax code favors the rich (CNN Poll via Politico). In Poll after poll the people have spoken on this issue. Romney supports no new taxes of any kind and supports making the Bush W. tax cuts permanent. This again is not the future and is not what the citizens want.

Yes, I realize it happened a long time ago, but does not the fact that Romney led a posse of his peers over to another boy, tackled him and chopped his hair off while was the kid was sobbing, equate to a valid point about character? What about the fact that he claims he doesn't even remember it? Just another vague deflection by Mitt. That is his approach to everything, give a vague general answer trying to please everyone.

Is that incident not an arch-type of everything that Mitt represents? Conformity, power to the rich, elitism, oppression. To be fair it was in high school but how has he changed? In what way has he shown or proved he is a caring human being, passionate about the poor or the middle class? He supports repressing rights for the LGBT community. Obama has stated he supports treating everyone equally, he came out courageously in support of gay marriage and rights for the LGBT community. This is the future.

Romney supports repressing women's health care in the form of a constitutional ban on abortion, he supports going after planned parenthood, and even going after birth control options. This is not the future. This is the good ol' boys club dictating their out-of-date religious views to us. It's odd when republicans are now to the right of Bush W. on many social conservative issues.

From a real promise of peace time, to health care reform, energy reform, civil rights, equaling out the tax code, and so much more; in so many ways Barack Obama represents the only real hope to complete this process of change for poor and middle class America. Romney represents almost the complete antithesis of that. No direct promise of ending the Afghanistan war. No promise for civil rights for all. No promise to repress the war on women's health from the right, no promise to tax the rich like the polls say the people want

We have a very important choice to make fellow citizens: Do we want the future or the past? The choice I think is clear.


  1. I'd normally say it isn't entirely fair to hold something from Romney's childhood against him as an adult, but it really doesn't seem like he's changed. Sure, he's less direct now, but isn't his stance on gay marriage just as much gay-bashing as his forced hair-cutting?

    1. Hi Nathan. Good point, he is oppressive still just in a different way. Yes I would agree that it is looking back a ways in Mitt's past. But to not remember it? Better to own it, and get past it, not just a vague deflection like is his answer for everything. People respect someone who can admit their mistakes and move on, but I don't think they respect someone who won't even acknowledge their past reality.

    2. Don't forget that Mitt's book was titled No Apologies.

    3. I guess he meant it! Me? I still feel bad about things like, once when I was about 6 I threw a small rock at a girl. I can't imagine not remembering something like the hair cutting incident.

    4. Yeah, I also feel guilt about things I did a long time in the past, so it's weird that Mitt wouldn't. Remember, though, he makes no apologies!