Friday, May 18, 2012

Romneycare Works, But the Rest of Mitt's Governorship Did Not

An important question being raised recently is why doesn't Mitt Romney talk about his time as Governor of Massachusetts? Shouldn't that be at least a portion of his campaign strategy? Look at what I did as Governor? Well here are the facts about what he did do:

According to employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment under Romney's governorship went from 3,224,600 to 3,270,400 in his time as governor. The state of Massachusetts went from 37th in the country in job creation to 45th. While the USA had 5.3% growth during that period, Massachusetts had only1.4%.

The big obvious irony is that Romney did do one good thing as governor and that is revise the health care system. 62 percent of the people living under Romneycare (even with the mandate) say they like it. It was his ideas that are the model for the health care plan that Obama passed. Romney's plan worked in Massachusetts. And now he won't touch the subject with a 20 foot pole if he can help it? This doesn't make sense unless he is running from his own record.

So the simple facts are that the state that Mitt governed, did not do economically well under his tenure, however Romney might try to spin it (the more he does the more he fails). If he is proud of what he accomplished then he should talk about it. You can't simply proclaim that you are some kind of economic expert when you failed to help build a growing economy in the state that you governed. And to make it clear, Romneycare is not the reason the state failed economically under Romney, it remains as the one solid thing he accomplished in real politics. Look at the following numbers about how Romneycare succeeded: Federal Data: Health Insurance Premium Growth Has Slowed After Romneycare.

If you have been following my posts you can see that I have clearly laid out factual differences of what separate Mitt Romney From Barack Obama. The facts are clear. Romney represents more of the same kind of Bush W. economics, (you tell me how tax cuts for the wealthy and no regulation for Wall Street is different than Bush). And the scary part about Romney is that he represents, or has kowtowed to at least, views that are far to the right of Bush W. on social conservative issues.

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