Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mitt Romney's Birth Certificate is a Fake!

Today, in response to a reporter's question last week, Mitt Romney released his birth certificate. Well, I say; it is about time. A lot of questions have been raised about whether Mitt was born in the United States. After all, his father was born in a Mexican Mormon colony. Yes it's true, George W. Romney, was born in Mexico and yet he was a candidate for the presidency of the United States.

In juxtaposition with the birther-ism nonsense surrounding Barack Obama, this is interesting. We have fools who still question whether Obama was even born here (the United States), but yet everyone knew George W. Was born in Mexico, and yet they decided it didn't matter! No double standard here, (sarcasm), I wonder what the difference is between the two men? (We know what the difference is don't we).

So good, Mitt finally released his birth certificate. But there is still a problem, it is a fake. Mitt was also born in Mexico, just like his father. There are villagers in Mexico who say they saw his birth.

Okay obviously I am being facetiously sarcastic to prove a point. Mitt Romney though, is a gutless wonder who refuses to condemn Donald Trump's birther-ism nonsense, but is happy to take his money. It's just sad. At least John McCain had the balls to stand up and say that this kind of nonsense is not acceptable.

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