Friday, April 27, 2012

Say NO to the Kansas 'Religious Freedom' Bill

Today I am going to respond to a story I saw in the Kansas City Star concerning a bill in Kansas (the state I grew up in and lived for many years) that supposedly concerns religious freedom. See the corresponding link for more details.

Republican Lance Kinzer as quoted in the Star, said “We want to make sure that people of religious faith in Kansas are not subject to laws that discriminate against them based upon their exercising the right to practice their faith.”

To me though, contrary to Kinzer's opinion, the bill clearly has controversial language. For example the bill states that you cannot discriminate based on the person's race, ethnicity, or gender. Why does there need to be a qualification for any reason to judge why you can or cannot discriminate? That right there negates the entire argument that Kinzer presented as the supposed purpose of the bill.

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 Besides that, who cares about stuff like this? ANYONE? Do Christians in Kansas feel threatened? I think the answer is obviously no. This is part of a tea party agenda where they think they can just push Kansans along into their inane war, because we are just all slow witted farm folk or something. Kansans are traditionally fiscal conservatives, not extreme right wing agenda conservatives.

Show us jobs, show us rebuilt bridges, show us investment in technology, show us small business growth,... WHO CARES about all these abortion bills, religious based bills, and republicans are even attempting redistricting. Why? So that republicans can have 100% control instead of 98% control in Kansas? Seriously? Is this what you voted for fellow Kansans? Is this your government? Are you happy with this agenda?

 I mean my God, they had to protest to protect medical coverage for severely disabled people this past week. This is supposedly a Christian leaning government? I do not think so. Not the Christianity I grew up with. This is perverse.

The 'religious freedom' bill does not protect people based on sexual orientation, leaving many people in the Gay community extremely upset. Also it does not protect people of less popular religions. A Muslim couple could be denied a place to rent, or a job; not based on their gender or ethnicity, but because they don't agree with the owner's Christianity for example. Or an unmarried couple could be denied a job or a place to live if that fact goes against the owner's religious beliefs. Or a Wiccan could be discriminated against. All these things are not protected under the 'ethnicity, gender, or race' notation.

Talk about a bill that is going to be challenged all the way to the supreme court.... Let's go Kansans... how long do we put up with this EXTREME right agenda?

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