Friday, April 8, 2011

Hello Readers of Clearly JT's Politics

I want to introduce myself to the potential readers of this blog I write, called Cleary JT's Politics. My name is Jerry Thomasin and I am a native of the Kansas City Metro area. I consider myself a forward-thinking progressive but I also know labels can be a bad way of categorizing one's opinions.

On this blog I will write about my opinions on current events, politics, news, etc. Of these topics, politics especially can be a divisive and heated issue sometimes. The opinions found in these posts are mine and in no way represent the views of any other person or entity except where directly noted.  It is not my intention to put anyone down or to be intentionally disagreeable, my posts should be taken with a grain of salt, these are my opinions, and I am human after all (and bound to be completely wrong sometimes).

Although I do speak my mind passionately, I try to have respect for all people and that includes respect for their beliefs and ideals even if they are the opposite of mine. .

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