Thursday, October 4, 2012

In First Presidential Debate of 2012, Romney Would Overturn Wall Street ReForm & Turn Medicare Into Voucher System

I didn't think Mitt Romney won the first presidential debate of 2012 at all. He admitted that Medicare would become a coupon exchange for most of baby boomers (those age 55 or so or younger). He said repeatedly he would repeal Wall Street reform, and would repeal Obamacare - keeping the "good parts". On all issues, Mitt is still dangerously scary to me. I like Medicare, Social Security, Obamacare, Wall Street reform.

 I certainly don't want health care to be something that private insurance companies have complete control over. Let me rephrase that last statement: IS ANYONE OUT THERE INSANE? Who in their right mind throws health care reform out the window and gives private companies complete unregulated control? Seriously? How is that winning? HOW IS REPEALING WALL STREET REFORM WINNING? Seriously? Anyone!!!?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mitt Romney Video, He says 47 Percent of U.S. Citizens Are Victims

In a video published by Mother Jones  Romney says a bunch of crazy shit. Yes you heard me, crazy shit, watch for yourself. The statement that got me was when he said 47% of American citizens are (among other things)"....victims." Yes you did read that right, Mitt Romney on video, said that 47% of American citizens are victims. I don't even want to talk about it,... it's so bizarre, so mind-boggling, so weird, maybe it should just speak for itself. Check it out:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Michelle Obama Makes Me Proud to Be An American

I felt the best part of Michelle Obama's speech Tuesday night at the democratic national convention was when she described Barack Obama when she first started going out with him. She said he had a car that was so rusted out she could see the street through the passenger side door. She also said his prized possession was a coffee table out of a dumpster. He had one nice pair of shoes but they were a half size too small.

Her short story and the rest of her speech paints a picture of a real person. Someone who I know has been in the same state of existence I have experienced directly. Compare that with Mitt Romney, who has never known what it is like to struggle every day. He has not for one minute known what it is like to be poor. This matters to me. I do not begrudge the success of Romney's family, but I cannot help identifying with and connecting with Barack Obama's life experience directly. This is just a plain fact.

I know what it's like to be poor. To eat noodles and butter for dinner because that is all you have. To ride the bus for 3 hours a day every day to get to work and back. To choose which utility you're going to pay that month and which one might get shut off. To be behind on rent, working every day, getting farther in debt and feeling like you're on an inescapable cycle. Barack knows what this is. Mitt Romney has no idea. NO IDEA what is like to struggle and appreciate the most simple things. As Michelle said in her speech, “For Barack, success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

I also liked how the first lady talked about how Barack Obama (and herself) became successful by getting student loans and working hard in school. But when they first were married they were extremely in debt, having more in student loans to pay each month than their mortgage. She said Barack turned down high paying jobs so he could be a community organizer and work with people and in neighborhoods where he knew he was helping on a grass roots level. Giving back to the same grass roots that helped him grow up and be successful. Michelle's message really hit home for me.

Michelle Obama's speech was really brilliant and heartfelt. If you haven't seen it you should watch it. Everyone in America and the world should be impressed. I know I was. How could anyone listen to that and not feel moved to get behind Barack Obama and America. She confirms strongly that he is the right choice for President of the United States. Let's finish what we started.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Eastwood is a Liar, Obama Is the Best Bet to End Afghanistan War

I want to talk about the fact that I take the promise of Obama to draw down the troops in Afghanistan very seriously, because it is far, far more than what Romney offers. for me it is a serious issue; the moment we just let a war persist for no reason without thinking about it is a very bad moment.

Clint Eastwood touched on the Afghanistan war during his odd debacle at the Republican National Convention. First of all,  the strangeness of the whole incident aside, I want to point out that Eastwood was just making up facts (and the whole routine) as he went along. One example is what Eastwood said about the U.S. troops in Afghanistan, "I like what Romney said about it, he would bring them home tomorrow if it were up to him."

That is an outright lie. Romney's website clearly indicates he would 'listen to the generals on the ground'. Which is an empty, gutless answer from a man whose real opinion on any issue is a mystery. And he said about the Iraq war, that bringing the troops home was, "tragic" - Obama Brings Iraq Troops Home.

I had a discussion about the Vietnam war the other day. And although everyone disagrees about the exact reasons of U.S. involvement when it started, everyone in the discussion (young and old, conservatives and liberal-minded) all agreed that it went on much too long. I don't think you can easily find a serious person that would argue the point that the U.S. should of stayed in Vietnam. The Afghanistan war has gone on longer than that war did.

Obama brought the Iraq troops home and has a plan in place to bring the Afghanistan troops home. Romney would 'listen to the generals on the ground' and for all we know would of never ended the Iraq war if it were up to him. For me this is not a 2nd or 3rd tier issue. We cannot just stand aside and let a meaningless war with lives and possibly trillions of dollars at stake just persist for no valid reason. That is insane. That is what Mitt offers us. It scares the hell out of me. If Eastwood (and the RNC attendees who cheered at his statement) really do want to 'bring the troops home tomorrow' then voting for Barack Obama is by far their (and our) best bet.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Real Paul Ryan: Washington Insider With Radical Views on Social Issues

I want to take a few moments to discuss the idea that somehow Paul Ryan is new or exciting as a politician. Because he's not. In fact Paul Ryan is about the farthest thing you can get from new or exciting in republican politics. His main shtick is turning the latest trendy sound bites around to suit his eternal quest to help big business get bigger; while trying to sound like he's down for the little guy.

For example he creates sound-bytes like "we are for helping government get smaller and out of the way of businesses so they can create jobs". Which of course means de-regulation. De-regulation of Wall Street is what caused the financial meltdown. How stupid are we people? I am not buying it. The "job creators" that Ryan talks about are businesses that make more than $250,000 a year. I don't know about you, but I've had many employers and shop at many stores that don't make that much in a year. Maybe Paul Ryan hangs with a different set of people than I do.

Nothing about the interests that Paul Ryan represents helps poor or middle class voters. He represents the same "trickle-down" economics that Reagan did; - this nonsensical  idea that if you let the rich do whatever they want, eventually the overflow gets down to the rest of us.

How did Ryan get his start in Washington? From his dad's Country Club buddy who was a lawyer. Has Ryan ever had a real job outside of Washington? No. His whole life has been dedicated to calculating ways that big business can squeeze the middle class more effectively. His supposedly amazing budget (passed by a heavy GOP majority congress), includes a measure that would turn Medicare into a voucher program and would kick people 55 and younger off of Medicare. Under Ryan's budget the rich get a tax break. Joe Biden is right when he said "How is that gutsy?" (Referring to Ryan's budget). Social Security under a Ryan plan would become privatized.

Is Ryan a moderate? No. Not even close. Paul Ryan has and has always had extreme right-wing bordering on fringe, social beliefs. He engineered a bill with Todd Akin to redefine rape, check out an interesting article about that: Ryan/Akin Try to Redefine "Rape". He along with Mitt Romney have vowed to overturn Roe vs. Wade. He voted against equal work for equal pay. He voted to take birth control options away from women. He is not just not a moderate, he is a leader of the extreme right wing of the GOP party. A radical wing that celebrates the ideas of turning Social Security into a privatized program and turns Medicare into a coupon exchange.

In a time of economic crisis where Obama has proposed at least some bipartisan ideas (ideas once used and proposed by the GOP) to create jobs, the GOP has overwhelmingly focused on social issues to satisfy the conservative right. And at the same time vowed to "shut government down" by not passing any of the president's ideas (again ideas once used by republicans). Only after the "debt crisis" of 2010 caused by the new Tea Party members of congress, which resulted in bad press for the GOP, did Republicans pass a few of the bipartisan job proposals.

One last important point, even after the Todd Akin "legitimate rape" debacle, do Paul Ryan or the GOP support exceptions for abortion in cases of rape or incest - no. They want Todd Akin to go away but they have the same beliefs that he does and they are sticking to it in their official Republican platform for this 2012 election.

So to the idea that Paul Ryan is a new thing in politics or Washington - that is categorically false. Ryan has never had a real job outside of Washington and the majority of his ideas reflect a radical social agenda and "trickle down" economics. Do your own research, you will find these things to be true.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ryan's Budget Threatens to Privatize Social Security and Medicare

So Mitt Romney picks Paul Ryan as his running mate for this 2012 presidential election. On one hand I think it is an obvious unforced error on the part of Romney. Whatever gain he achieves from conservatives, will far outweigh the loss in support from some seniors, moderates, independents, and baby boomers; which is a huge voting block obviously. Even Catholic bishops have said "Ryan's budget fails to meet the morale requirement to protect the poor."

In a special May 24th election in upper New York, Kathy Hochul won a seat in a GOP stronghold using the opponent's support of Paul Ryan's budget plan as the major issue. She won easily, . . . in a GOP stronghold . . . .  Why? Because Paul Ryan's budget plan calls for throwing millions of people off of Medicaid, with deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and attempts at privatizing them. Three-fifths of Ryan's budget cuts would come from programs that affect ther poor or middle class.

Of course these programs need to be made fiscally sound, but Ryan's budget is just another gift for the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle class. The 1% have no new taxes, in fact tax cuts, while safety net programs get the scalpel. Do we really want vouchers for the open market? Does a coupon sound like a good alternative to the programs that are supposed to be our security?

That is why this pick of Romney's is an unforced error on his part. Just like in the upper New York election Hochul won; the point will get hammered home that Ryan's budget is nothing more than a gift to the rich at the expense of the 99%.

I support Barack Obama obviously, but if I was on the fence before I would definitely have come over to the democratic side after this pick and I think a lot of Americans agree with me. We cannot sellout our peaceful retirements for coupons. We can compromise yes, but that is not what Ryan tried to pass. Ryan wants to take a hatchet to the programs with no compromise on the other end of the spectrum.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The New American Coalition: Empowered By Social Media, & In a Polarizing Political Age, Obama has Shown Bipartisanship

This is my: Call to the New American Coalition. I encourage those who read it, to forward it to everyone they want, especially those who might not want to vote:

The New American Coalition: Poor and middle class people, liberals, progressives, moderates, Women and Women's rights voters, African Americans, Latinos, Jewish people, Asian people, all culturally diverse and diverse-embracing people, students, war vets, the LGBT community, labor unions, small businesses, artists, young voters, working men and women, creative people, and more, (insert your name here).

These groups of people have come together to support democrats in various ways and pieces over the years. But right now, especially with social media, is a real opportunity to come together in ways that have never been seen before. I have experienced this first-hand and it's exciting. Check out my Twitter feed: @JThomasin. These groups of voters are exactly the ones I have been communicating with there.

Of course there are ideological differences between some of these groups of voters but overall we all have reason to overlook the smaller differences and come together to support Barack Obama for president in 2012. We represent the new America. The America that has always been here and perhaps been overlooked, The America that is moving forward and embracing the future. And now we have been empowered with social media, and a president who has shown us enough to deserve four more years. Especially when the alternative is a group of politicians whose biggest promises include overturning health-care and Roe vs. Wade.

Obama has made sure young adult Latinos who have spent most of their lives here, won't be deported. He has come out in support of gay marriage and ended the don't ask don't tell policy. He doubled down on auto-workers in Detroit and now they are thriving. He helped poor and middle class citizens by passing a health care bill which will protect children and make sure those with chronic and pre-existing conditions get covered, while providing a low-cost health-care alternative. Young people can stay on their parent's plan until age 26 now. Obama has shown support for sustaining women's health-care options. Obama's wonderful family shines as an icon to Black People in an office where this had never happened. In these, and so many more ways, (check out my other posts and the links within) he has shown us progress. Together we can all move farther forward, but it requires voting for Barack Obama.

With Romney we go RIGHT back to war, right back to Bush W. style de-regulated, big-business economics. I understand some are so sick of politics they don't want to vote. And Obama is far from perfect. But for God's (or your own) sake we cannot let Mitt Romney get elected.

Mitt Romney represents the very rich in almost every aspect of his life and history. His privileged elitist attitude, his offshore accounts, gutting of his worker's pensions, his out-of-touch and odd demeanor, his outright promise to protect the 1% and corporations. I mean REALLY? We can't let him gain power. Call it whatever you want, taking the lesser of two evils, if you have to, but vote.

In an age where people are put off of politics by polarizing partisanship, Obama has shown compromise to the point of angering some on the far left. I find this fact astonishing. The president of the United States has compromised with republicans and come over the aisle with bipartisan proposals time and time again. Polls have show citizens understand that the overwhelmingly Republican congress has been the problem; those on the far right who have promised to "shut it down" (government).

Please, just please go and vote. Vote enthusiastically or at least reluctantly. Say whatever you want to your friends about being jaded and cool and above politics, but please just go vote afterwards. Republican wives even, you can just tell your husband what he wants to hear and when you get in front of the screen, push Obama's button, it can be our secret.